When you think of Easter, you think of eggs!

The egg, symbol of fertility and new life, has been associated with spring and resurrection for centuries.





The use of decorated eggs as decoration during Easter dates back to the Middle Ages and has since become an important part of the Easter celebration. In addition to the religious significance of Easter, it is also an opportunity for families to gather and enjoy traditional meals and activities. These can range from dyeing eggs to looking for Easter eggs and eating chocolate Easter bunnies.

The egg is a culinary versatile ingredient that can be used in many forms and dishes. Whether hard-boiled, poached, fried, stirred or clattered, the egg brings unparalleled flavor and texture to dishes, from hearty omelettes to fluffy soufflés.

It acts as a perfect binder for pastries and enriched sauces and soups with a creamy texture.


It acts as a perfect binder for pastries and enriched sauces and soups with a creamy texture.

But what makes the egg truly unique is the endless possibility of combining it with other ingredients. With cheese and vegetables, it forms the basis of quiches and frittatas, and with bacon and sandwiches it forms a classic breakfast. In Asian cuisine, the egg is often cooked in soups and broths, and in Mediterranean cuisine, it is used to fill into fried eggplants and roasted peppers.

Eggs can be prepared in different ways, depending on the desired taste and texture. Boiled eggs can be hard or soft depending on the time they are boiled in the water, while fried eggs can be made as mirror eggs, scramble or omelette. Poached eggs are a popular choice for brunch and are often served with avocado and smoked salmon on toast.

Het ei wordt ook gebruikt in zoete gerechten, zoals cakes, taarten en desserts. Eiwitten worden vaak gebruikt om meringues, soufflés en pavlova's te maken, terwijl eidooiers worden gebruikt in crème brûlée, custards en ijs.

Laat je creativiteit de vrije loop en maak gebruik van het ei, dit veelzijdige en onmisbare ingrediënt in onze culinaire wereld. Ontdek de talloze mogelijkheden die het biedt en laat het ei je verrassen met zijn eindeloze smaak en textuurvariaties. Lees hierover in onze productkennis : zuivel - ei


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